Dates / Opening houres


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Information regarding shooting dates, times and range use during special shooting events

  • Before you can use the range, you will have to take part in a one time security instruction at your first visit (approximately 30 Minutes).
    Range safety instruction will exclusively be conducted on Saturdays at 08:30 AM just come by on one of the published range days no reservation necessary: Please be on time, if you arrive later you will not be able to shoot.
    Due to capacity reasons, Range safety Instructions cannot be performed during the week - unfortunately no exceptions.

  • No regular training and no RANGE SAFETY INSTRUCTION during the Obli (Compulsary shooting training ) or Feldschiessen

  • During the winter months, end of September to end of March, the range can only operate during daylight and therefore is only open during the published shooting hours, usually Saturday mornings.

  • What is Obligarorisches or Obli?: All members of the Armed Forces who have been issued an assault rifle must complete a shooting exercise at a rifle club every year until the last year before they are discharged from military duty.